FxClassic trading software offers superior trading tools for your trading success. The accuracy of the tools embedded in the software, when properly understood, is second to none. From the combination of the trading tools, our professional traders and instructors are able to make over 2000 pips monthly.


  • FxClassic Super Price Lines: The proper understanding of these lines makes us to know that market moves in a predetermined manner and that there is nothing like chaos or noise in the forex market. The lines are useful in order to know where the Market Makers are coming from and where they are likely going in the forex market.


  • FxClassic Super Bands: Because prices in the forex market behaves like a stretched band that would return to the middle or equilibrium state, the FxClassic Super Bands is accurately appropriate for buying low and selling high. These bands are good for scalpers also.


  • FxClassic Session Boxes: Accuracy of timing in trading is of utmost importance to the trader who takes forex trading as business and not as gambling. There is a time to trade and time not to trade. For that reason, the FxClassic Session boxes makes traders to be laser-focused when looking for trade set ups at the right time of the day.


  • FxClassic Currency Meter: Knowing the currency pairs to trade at the right time of the day takes guess work out of the equation of forex trading. The Fxclassic Currency Meter gives you the right currency pairs to trade having understood the principles of fractional disparity.


  • FxClassic Indicator: The FxClassic overbought and oversold indicator is perhaps the only indicator a forex trader will need in trading the market successfully. This indicator offers traders not just the idea of which currency pair is at either extreme but also measure overall market sentiment on an intraday and long term basis.


The FxClassic also has embedded other carefully selected and proven tools for the success of the trader. The software is appropriate for both scalpers and swing traders.

The use of the software is taught at the FxClassic Academy.

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