The FxClassic Trade Copier is also offered for the benefit of those who want their trading accounts to grow hands free. Trades placed by our professionals on the FxClassic Main account gets copied to clients accounts in a matter of seconds.


  • A minimum of $1000 is required in the clients account before the account can be connected to the FxCassic Main account.
  • For trade accuracy and optimisation, we will like all the copier clients to Open an account with our recommended broker by clicking Here
  • Also, the client needs to subscribe to trade copier software connected to our main account. The link for the trade copier connector software will be sent to clients email upon confirmation of subscription to our copier service.
  • Upon signing up for the trade copier software a screen shot of the dashboard showing that the account has been connected to our Main account must be sent to our support email address.
  • Account growth of about 2% – 2.5% daily is aimed at by the professionals in charge of the trade copier services.
  • For maximum optimization of the benefits of the trade copier service, clients would have to abide by the rules of engagement of the trade copier services.
  • FxClassic charges $80 as the monthly account copier fee.


Please read the Terms and conditions

Our Package Pricing

With detailed Info on out classes
Copier Service
80 00 $
One month
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Copier Service
200 50 $
Three Months
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Copier Service
400 00 $
Six Months
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