With the expertise of our professional traders/instructors, Fxclassic is proud to be mining the pips from the Forex market on a monthly basis. With Good education, accurate trading analysis using our trading software and teamwork keep giving us and our present subscribers an average of 2000pips to 4000pips monthly.

With a low monthly subscription, you will get the following benefits when you subscribe to the Fxclassic Pips mining service.

  • Weekly 500 – 1000 pips target
  • Monthly 2000 – 4000 pips target
  • Mining accuracy of about 90%
  • Proper stop and limit levels
  • Chart forecast and analysis
  • Interactive online webinar
  • 24/5 support from the team


Our pips mining service is second to none. Read the testimonies of some of our subscribers below


Well Planned Premium Pips Mining Call

Our expert trader analyzes the market and sends out pips mining signals based on a well thought out plan.

Low-Risk Setup

Our Trade Set up comes with the Stop Losses and three Levels of Take Profit. Our Stop loss is tight so as to reduce high draw down on our clients accounts while will take maximum take profits

Trade Monitor and Close Alert

We Monitor every Pips Mining calls and inform every our subscriber when to either do partial closing or outright closing or if we want them to modify their orders.

Money Management Guide

To utilize a profitable Pips Mining, you need risk management. We provide an FREE guide with everything you want to know about the risk managements based on your account sizes.

Regular Webinar

We hold regular webinar to show our entire subscriber what we expect from them and how to maximize the usage of our services.

Great Support

We provide great Support for all our Pips Mining Client. This is to allow everyone to ask any question related to our analysis.

Our Monthly Performance

Our Package Pricing

As always, partners grows with you!

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